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Mary Martin London + Behind the Mask Collection

Hugging at the Venice Ball

Mary Martin London Hoodie Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

Only Mary Martin London would conjure up haute couture hoodies with matching face masks in an increasingly byzantine world, introducing evanescent light into the Stygian darkness. Worthy of a Rizzoli monograph, Behind the Mask is futuristic fashion fusion taken to a whole new paradoxical level. Mary exclaims, “I just thought to myself I need to create streetwear for this time when we’re not allowed on the streets!” Face masks are the new matching fashion accessory. Socially distanced, a “drive by shoot” takes on a whole new meaning, channelling inner Fauda. Thanks Becks. Gucci velvet slippers model’s own.

Mary Martin London Behind the Mask Haute Couture Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

Mary Martin London Face Mask Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

Mary Martin London Behind the Mask Collection Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

Mary Martin London Behind the Mask Streetwear Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

Mary Martin London Hoodie Label Stuart Blakley © Lavender's Blue Becks

46 replies on “Mary Martin London + Behind the Mask Collection”

Wow ! Absolutely love the hoody ! Congrats Mary Martin London on a practical yet highly stylish creation 👏🏻

I can tell that’s you Stuart !! You shrinking violet!!🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Haha . Ok no autographs until after lockdown. But seriously…..can we hang out sometime 😎😎😎😎 you were a 1980s model and knew Steve Strange after all…

Wow! Such a fun and stylish shoot Stuart and team! Place my order for Covid-friendly hoody too. X

Thank you Camille. Miss you so much gal! Hoodie and face mask arriving at chez vous Windsor soon. Keep well keep safe keep fabulous. Looking forward to our “Sexy Planners Count” outing. Windsor rocks x

Love it! À lot! Would love the same and got thé same pictures! The light of the pics is amazing. So fashion, so sophisticated 🌞

Oh my gosh Maud! Soooo good to hear from you. It is like, er light years, since we were laughing and sipping on Rare Champagne in Paris! Wasn’t the evening sunlight so lucky? Well spotted! Love to you and your two gorgeous daughters. Ours is a mighty cocktail in Le Meurice later this year. Lots of love, Stuart

Unsurprisingly, Mary Martin London does it again with the launch of her “hoodies“ and “branded face masks” to match… Avant-garde supreme!!!

You are welcome Stuart – likewise!! Here’s looking forward to the next series of Fauda !!! And what Doran gets up to 😍😍

I’ve always wanted to hug a hoodie but with social distancing it’s a little difficult but this lockdown chic makes life in the cabin more attractive and could stay beyond pandemics. As ever the photos and words are charming.

Fabulous idea, keeping safe and keeping sylish, fashion lifts the spirits during these scary times and if masks are here to stay why not make them beautiful as well as practical 😊

What a fantastic idea. Love it and want it. Mary – hope you do womenswear. Perfect for my dog walks to the common. 👏

Hey Darren, aren’t they so cool?! Mary Martin London. We’ve been placing orders not stop for Mary on the back of this article so if you are interested, drop us a message on 07920246178. Thanks, LVB

Each hoodie is individually designed and made to order by Mary Martin London. Each is unique as no two materials are the same! She works with clients to take on board your interests, colour preferences etc.

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