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Mary Martin London + Stuart Blakley

That Jacket

Some days you just got it. Lifestyles Magazine America is dedicating its latest issue to Mary Martin London. The renowned fashion and entertainment publication is distributed in 39 countries. Chief Operating Officer Anthony Alexander explains, “We just love Mary’s personality. And when we saw her clothes we were amazed! We’re bridging the gap between exposure in the US and the UK.” As Elizabeth Bowen wrote some 90 odd years ago in The Hotel, “Gratifying how one’s intimate world contracted itself, how one’s friends wove themselves in! Society was fascinating, so like a jigsaw puzzle!”

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You’re so cute !! No wonder Heather said you look so cool and young !! Loving the triptych XXX

Cut em dead Stuarty boy !!!! Best pose like EVER. the girls look great too. Thanks for sharing 🙌🏾

That’s our girl our dear Mary! Thank you for being such an inspiration for everyone!!

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