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Fathomless +

Substantial Faded Pageantry

Call it a nascent realisation, coming from somewhere and heading somewhere, mixing with the multihyphenates while sojourning in cloud capp’d towers and gorgeous palaces. Such stuff, radiating a seductively dark gorgeousness.

36 replies on “Fathomless +”

Darling loving the whole bomber jacket look !! You look beyond fabulous 🤩🤩 !! Pure catwalk chez nous. Lots of love. LL xxxx

Jeez you’re brushing up well these days 😜🤣 Catch-up soon at next filming 👍🏿 Stephano. XX

Darling mega Lavender’s Blue Creative Director always at work even on her birthday. There’s no stopping brilliance. Thank you so much for a fun filled shoot full of laughter, fashion and a little Champers. You rock doll. Cannot wait for next weekend. As they say in Belfast, “Keep ‘er lit!” Love you more. LVB XXX

Oh la la! Hey Maud so glad you enjoyed the pics. Hope all is well in Paris and Marseilles. Rare Champagne party well overdue! Lots of love to the girls. A bientot, Stuart XXXX

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