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Luton Hoo Bedfordshire + Hertfordshire + Katie Ice

Hoo’s Who

Seriously. It was that good. The revivification of Countess Markievicz. Luton is the new Paris. Katie swapped a runway for the runway. The revolution has begun. Game on. As for the legendary niche leap….

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Crazies this has made my night 😅!!!! Just loving Katie Ice. Can’t wait to see the full shoot heard there’s lots to come ……LL XX

Hi Elle glad you enjoyed it Katie is a dream to work with – we’re spoiled for choice thanks to her energy and myriad poses. Paris’s loss, Luton’s gain. It helped she rocked up in a chauffeur driven Bentley. Classy.

We heard all about it! Love to Mary Martin too. You can tell Katie is straight off a Paris catwalk! Complete doll 🤩

It’s been quite a time dashing between the main house, the stables and gardens but so worth it. Whole new ball game working with a seasoned (not too seasoned Kates!) pro. The girl knows her moves…

Well good evening everyone. Phew. Phones on bezerk not to mention emails. Thanks so much for your comments and questions. So, the good news is this article is just a taster of what’s to come. Problem working with a complete pro like Katie – every move, every pose, every look is capturable. Heh yeah, it takes a whole to go through those pics. And the back story. So bear with. More, lots more, to come. Thank you everyone for your unfailing loyalty. Lavender’s Blue x

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