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The Bank Bistro + Bar Newry Down

No Masks at This Ball

We’re always gunning for brilliant door staff whether concierge or bellboys or, in the case of The Bank, bouncers. This used to be, after all, a place of locked up assets so it’s good to be guarded. Security clearances passed, we’re headed onwards and upwards to enjoy an evening in the capital of South Down. We’re having a ball, quite the masquerade. Once a flashing neon Georgian drive-by (check out that Palladian window!) on the old Belfast to Dublin highway, it would take more than a motorway bypass to clench the soul from this institution of hospitality.

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Hello !!!! Welcome back darlings !!! How was your very grand trip 😌??!! Loving the Georgian looks boys. lady L XX 💝

Hahah reading between the lines as ever with Lavender Blue I’m guessing no masks in Newry town. . hilarious! Stephano xo

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