John Copeland Blakley + The Irish Guards

You Just Can’t Lay Down and Die

John Copeland Blakley Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

Be born, die; plant, pluck up; kill, heal; break down, build up; weep, laugh; mourn, dance; throw stones, gather stones; embrace, don’t embrace; get, lose; keep, cast away; rend, sew; keep shtum, speak; love, hate; make war, make peace. Supplement to the London Gazette 1 January 1949: ‘New Year’s Honours List. Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood, St James’s Palace, SW1. The King has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the British Empire Medal (Military Division) to John Copeland Blakley, Irish Guards.’ John Copeland Blakley’s known active service covered Italy, Norway, Libya, Palestine and Suez. The 1st Battalion. Always.

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I had the privilege to serve in the Irish Guards in the 1970’s. John was a gaint who’s shoulders we stood. Quis Separabit

Completely agree!! I’m from a military family and all my brother’s etc agree The Irish Guards are The Elite. John-Copeland looks shy but very dashing and clearly brace to fight on the front line in soooooo many countries. My heart goes out to him I bet he was a young thing too. Thank you ❤️😊❤️ fir celebrating his huge contribution to our peaceful tines. Yes. Truly a giant. LL XX 💝 💕

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