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Carlingford Louth + Fergus Flynn Rogers

The Four Deep

Esteemed architect Fergus Flynn Rogers more or less single handledly turned around Carlingford back in the day. Everywhere you look in the village there’s one of his motifs: a plate glassed Diocletian window here; a sky high metal framed corridor there. He possesses a crucial and unnerving handling of materiality, at once immediate and sympathetic. Between Carlingford and Newry lies the village of Omeath.

Former resident artist Anne Davey Orr explains, “Omeath was the last Irish speaking area on the east coast. It was where people from Falls Road Belfast came for their summer holidays – hence the caravan parks.” Meanwhile, lucky roadside donkeys chomp on apples from a Ballyfin goody bag.

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Gorgeous architecture darling especially love the church photograph…… Were you standing on ladders ??!! 💕💓 Kiki XX

Yes Omeath used to be v. hot, and trying to cross the border from there a v.long wait!Used to stay with the Rosminian Fathers there, since up sticks & gone, taking body of the sainted Fr Gentili with them. V.sad.

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