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Olive Restaurant + Ha Nevi’im Street Jerusalem

You Can’t Do Everything

Most days we stop by Olive, eating outside when it’s hot; inside when it’s hotter. The fayre is just too tempting and the restaurant is unavoidably located at the crossroads where Ha Nevi’im Street meets Kheil ha-Handasa Street to the north of the Old City. Everything at Olive is greater than the sum of its parts. Eggs for breakfast? That will be shirred eggs plus a salad, half a loaf of sliced bread, 12 dips and the best coffee in the St George Quarter. Pecan pie for afternoon tea? That will be all about presentation artistry plus fresh fruit to balance the carbs. On Saturdays we’re just longing for those first three stars in the sky to appear for Shabbat to end and supper to begin. At Olive of course.