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Farrier + Draper Powerscourt Centre Dublin

Centre of Activity

Powerscourt House was built for entertaining. Robert Mack – the John O’Connell of his day – was the architect. Plasterwork by its 18th century whizz of a stuccodore Michael Stapleton jazzes up the interior. While most of it has long been converted into shops with galleried access off the original stables courtyard, a corner of the building has been carved out to form a restaurant and bar. Farrier + Draper is like a townhouse-in-a-townhouse. Fun is to be had on every floor from merrily dining in the basement to making an entrance on the lower ground floor to mingling in the mezzanine to making music on the piano nobile. Powerscourt House – at least this lively corner – is carrying on the entertaining tradition. Lady Powerscourt would have a ball.