Notre Dame Church Calais + Gérard Lardeur

Epiphanic Moments

“Take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea”

On a glorious summer’s day, we’re smitten by the charm of Calais and its most passionately historic monument. Eight centuries of art and beauty, form and faith, in glorious harmony. What’s not to admire?

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Hôtel Meurice Calais + Charles-Augustin Meurice

The Last Word

Say again? More than a mere port, it’s a tale of two towns: Calais-Nord is a manmade island surrounded by canals and basins. St Pierre hugs the island to the south and southeast. Between Notre Dame Church and Richelieu Park in Calais-Nord lies Hôtel Meurice. Established as Le Chariot Royal in 1771 by the postmaster Charles-Augustin Meurice, it changed name and address in 1815. The relaunch was aimed at the demands of British travellers touring the Continent. All sorts of modern conveniences were introduced: residents’ lounges, English speaking staff, a currency exchange and even its own branded soap. The hotel was rebuilt in the mid 1950s in a stripped back neoclassical style. A sweeping staircase leads from the open plan ground floor to bedrooms on two upper floors overlooking a garden to the rear.