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Friday Street Leith Hill Surrey +

Bigger Than the Universe

Hurrah! We made it! It feels like winning the Radio Four programme Mornington Crescent. Next stop Friday Street! Except the trainline doesn’t go there. Yes! Arcadian. Bucolic. Calming. Dreamlike. Enchanting. Forested. Heavenly. Idyllic. Sylvan. Tranquil. Welcome to Friday Street. First captured on camera by the Victorian photographer Francis Frith. A stream runs through it. Copse Cottage. High Trees. Hollow Lane. Manor Gate. Mill Pond. Noons Corner Road. Pond Cottage. Pugs Corner. Sheephouse Lane. Tall Trees. Edgar the ram is getting his toenails trimmed in the meadow, cheered on by a spring chorus of cawing rooks. The farmer and her husband are hard at work. Friday Street is the country cousin of Mornington Crescent.