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Chivas 18 + Pininfarina

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New year, new article, new collaboration. In a world exclusive, you heard it here first. Chivas Regal 18 Year Old and Pininfarina have come together for the first time to create a limited edition. Under wraps until now, we are delighted to reveal – breaking with Scotch whisky tradition – the three expressions of the Chivas 18 by Pininfarina limited edition.

Colin Scott

Paolo Pininfarina himself provides the headline: “Italian style means a sense of proportion, simplicity and harmony of line and we applied this sensibility to the designs we developed for Chivas 18.” Both companies share a rich heritage in crafting stimulating experiences in luxury. Pininfarina has been trailblazing Italian design and engineering since 1930. Established in 1909, master brand Chivas Regal is the original luxury whisky blend. Pininfarina’s Creative Director, Paolo Trevisan, also recognises the spirit (no pun) of the partnership. “We both have passion and strong knowledge. Pininfarina design is about aerodynamics, how air affects shape. Chivas 18, naturally, is symbolised by liquid. I was fascinated to learn that each drop of Chivas 18 captures 85 flavours. Multisensory complexity yet delivered with such precision. The partnership was a perfect marriage of values and mutual respect. It’s been inspiring.” That inspiration takes the form of a streamlined drop. It unites both houses in their ongoing quest for beauty, harmony and, ultimately, pleasure.

2 Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Level 1

And now for Limited Edition 1. A blue metallic finished outer case is reminiscent of prestigious car metalwork. The rich wood veneer interior represents the oak barrels intrinsic to the ageing process of Chivas 18. Paolo Pininfarina calls this “the cold and warm effect”. All three expressions include a specially designed bottle of Chivas 18 with Pininfarina’s design notes visible on the metalised crest. The Italian company’s logo is proudly emblazoned on the capsule and neck wrap. A mere snip at £90 (that’s the Duty Free price so pick it up on your return from Rosa Alpina).

1 Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Level 2

Limited Edition 2 features the same design cues while taking the expression of the partnership further. It features a solid wood inlay and is even more aerodynamic. Proudly presenting the limited edition bottle, it also includes two glasses designed by Pininfarina which reflect the drop design. Each unit is individually numbered to highlight its limited edition status. Perfect for opening in the limo back home from the airport. Yours for £360.

2 Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Level 2

Colin Scott is Master Blender of Chivas Regal. He developed an early passion for Scotch whisky growing up near an Orkney distillery. Colin is the third generation of his family to dedicate their lives to the whisky industry. As guardian of the renowned Chivas Regal signature style, he says, “Chivas 18 is smooth, flowing, excellent, warming. Scottish culture glorifies craftsmanship. Pininfarina’s glass references the drop. It sits beautifully in your hand – a translation of exceptional harmony in every drink. Limited Edition 2 takes Chivas 18 to another stratosphere.” Chivas 18 Mascherone by Pininfarina is the ultimate status symbol for your home. Inspired by the mascherone, the original wooden frame that was used to refine automobile shapes, it marks the pinnacle of the partnership. Hand assembled in Cambiano by Pininfarina, Limited Edition 3 has an oak internal structure clad in aluminium. Illumination from the base brings this collector’s piece to life. Only five Mascherones will be on display globally. Otherwise, it’s made to order. If you have to ask, chances are you can’t afford it.

2 Chivas 18 by Pininfarina Level 3