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Trinity Restaurant Clapham London +

Making a Meal of It

Trinity Restaurant Clapham Pudding © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

Spending half our lives chasing Michelin stars across the Continent it’s easy to forget there’s one shining right on our doorstep. For the last decade. Lighting up the wild (south) west. Not so much up our rue as on our rue. Trinity (the restaurant) overlooks Holy Trinity (the church) on Clapham Common. Come hail or high water (transpires there will be both) there’s no stopping us. On the tropically hottest day of the year, against a backdrop of roaring thunder and flashing lightning, we stroll to the downstairs restaurant (upstairs there’s a more informal brasserie). It’s jammed full of beautiful people with an air about themselves and that’s not just our table by the open window. Caviar baubles, gold leaf flakes, honeycomb butterflies and to top it all a two tiered canapés basket are such starry distractions that we ruefully miss the longest lunar eclipse of the century.

Trinity Restaurant Clapham Canapes © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley