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Lavender’s Crew + Tapas Brindisa Soho London

Spanish Acquisition

Tapas Brindisa Soho © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

Lavender’s Blue dinner with erstwhile Skins actress turned intern Annabel P and Westbourne groovers. What could possibly go wrong? A photo shoot interrupted by overzealous security? Been there. An alfresco meal last September in torrential rain? Dunnit. Wakening up in a foreign country on a school night? Got the T shirt. The tantalisingly talismanic invitation postscript “Bring Passports” has long entered Lavender’s lexicon. Of course it hasn’t all gone stomach up fruit shaped. Summer garden partying with the former Home Secretary is all it’s cracked up to be. So it’s time for more cloche lifting frisson as the froth on the social frappuccino set forth with customary braggadocio brio. Nascent or arrived? Either way we’re on our way. Soho hum. A glorious gallimaufry of tapas is to come. Or “Very Significant Canapés” in Westbourne parlance. The Michelin recommended Tapas Brindisa filling the ground floor of a gorgeous Georgian house in London’s wild West End. “Small plates using terrific produce and that great atmosphere you get when places are packed out,” schmooze the Guide Inspectors. The latter comment is something of an understatement. Tapas Brindisa is manic in a good way although maybe that is just our table. Beautiful staff weave their way through the tables as choreographed as Kenneth MacMillan’s Manon, balancing plate after plate of piscatorial palate pleasure. Torrential rain aside, outside, mishap free insider fun.

Tapas Brindisa Soho London © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

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