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Dominique Bouchet Restaurant Paris +

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It’s a chic and intimate dining room. One party wall is exposed stone; the rest are off white. Abstract paintings hang at strategic intervals. The kitchen is a windowed enclosure at the rear of the room. Simply stylish; stylishly simple. Michelin veteran Dominique Bouchet’s latest restaurant is the perfect destination for a civilised lunch close to Parc Monceau. Between pan fried scallops (braised endives with orange butter) and trout cooked in low temperature (cold cream of corn and peppers, wasabi mayonnaise, golden brown brioche) the waiter serves “a present from the Chef: king prawn and cauliflower curd”. We avoid clichés like the plague but Dominique Bouchet knows his French onions. Chablis from Domaine Vincent Danvissat, 2017 rounds off a sophisticated lunch.

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